See more…A well designed living space is immediately recognizable. The Taylor Group Architects consider the conditions and develop spaces to enhance the living environment for those experiencing the space.


Rear Elevation



See more…An institution serves a purpose, and their facilities must accommodate and support that function. Environments which inspire thought provide a platform on which The Taylor Group clients can prosper.

WJU Dining1

WJU Library1200x5201

WJU East1200x5201

WJU Dorms1200x5201


See more…Form typically must follow function in public spaces, however The Taylor Group¬†continues to artfully incorporate character into an area of architecture¬†typically associated with lifeless building design.


Glacier One1

FireStation18 1200x5201


See more…Environments designed with a purpose set the foundation for a profitable commercial space. The Taylor Group instinctively understands and implements the vision of each project with dedication to detail.

Fresno Bullard
DSC 0009

DSC 1679

Higher Learning

See more…Higher Learning campuses must not only be functional, but also spark one’s imagination as well as stand the test of time. We have taken what, in some cases, was cast away and given the buildings a second life. The experience The Taylor Group brings to the table is deep while innovative in approach.

Wju Dining Anchor


02 Exterior



See more…We have extensive experience within religious architecture. From churches to annexes, our work supports the needs of the organization.

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